Here is a list of some of JACSoft Programming's Clients, with a quick comment on what has been designed for them.

Sorted Alphabetically
All Seasons Flowers
Managing the link between sales made on the web and the information going to the correct store.
Setting up the Integrated Accounting system, and integrating it with the web.
jPartner Ltd
A full Legal trust accounting system with Time Recording, AR's, Deeds, Mortgages, Trusts and all the required reports that go with these.
Legal Accounting Bureau
In association with jPartner Ltd. we provide LAB with their Trust system and give them some support with their day-to-day business
Print House Ltd.
A fully integrated Debtors, Cash book, General Ledger, Quotes/Jobs, Suppliers system with time tracking at each work station around their Hamilton factory.
The best little Book Store
Providing the integration between the web site designed by WebAgent with the Supplier of the books, who happens to be PHL
The Veterinary Business LETTER
Tech support as required.
Providing technical support for questions in relation to what can be done with web sites, and doing some proofing of sites that are in design stage.
A system that brings Standard Operating Procedures to Life
Personal Work Procedures - Integrated Management Systems - Includes Risk Management