Stopping Omnis when it seems to have hung

The Problem Sometimes if your code is not correct it will seem that Omnis has hung, when it is only doing what you haved asked it to do, and is in an eternal loop
The Solution On the Mac Command-option-delete
On Windows Shift-control-break

If we refer to the manual we get the following comment

Escaping from Loops

For Windows, the Ctrl-Break key combination is the “quit all procedures” key. On the Macintosh, the equivalent is Cmnd-period. When Omnis performs any repetitive task such as building a list, printing a report, or executing a Repeat/While loop, it tests for Ctrl-Break/Cmnd-period periodically. For Repeat/While loops, Omnis carries out the test at the end of each pass through the loop.

To create a more controlled exit for the finished library, you can turn off the “end of loop” test and provide the user with a working message with a Cancel button. When the Cancel button is visible on the screen, pressing the Escape key or Cmnd-period is the equivalent to clicking Cancel: