What is required for installing omnis?

How does xxx work?
xxx is developed in a tool called Omnis7 from Raining Data (www.omnis.net)
xxx consists of 3 parts
  1. The runtime engine. The runtime engine is Omnis7.exe and all files in the subdirs from the starting point and below
  2. The application. The application is xxx.lbr
  3. The data. The data are all files with the extension .df? A segment of a datafile can be 256Mb and a datafile can be up to 15 segments.

These parts can be located anywhere in any combination.
There is no regular installation process for xx since you can copy all necessary files to where ever you want it and start it with a shortcut that points out where the runtime and application are. The only thing to install on your workstation/Terminal Server are fonts used.
No entries are written to the registry.

Lbr's and runtime engines can be copied to several places for load balancing/redundance reasons but *.df? has to be located on one central fileserver.

With more than 4-5 users or bandwith less than 10mb/s we recomend Citrix/Terminal Server
Best practice Terminal Server/Citrix
Out of experiece vi recommend that the runtime engine and the application is copied to all Citrix/Terminal Servers that are being used.
Data should be located on a file-server connected with at least 100mb/s
This installation gives best performance with the lowest risk for disturbances and an acceptable level of administration when updating/upgrading the application.
Best practice network
In an ordinariry network we reccomend that everything is installed on a file-server and that only shortcuts are made on the workstations.
This gives acceptable performance whith a minor risk for problems and an easy administration of updates/upgrades.

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