Preparing Classic Apps for Studio

When you are moving from Omnis Classic to Omnis Studio there are a number of things you can do to your classic application prior to moving it to Studio,  here are some of the steps.

What to do Why Do it
Run the Omnis Procedure Checker.  The PC might reveal a number of errors/warnings
Search for #???  #??? usually means a reference to a non-existent field.
Search for #EF, #EFLD, #EM, #EN, #ER. Studio doesn't use these references, there are dot notation for them.
Search for "Prompt for report" and "Prompt for search". These commands are not supported in Studio. You will need to replace these commands with appropriate dialogs to let them select the report or search from a list, or gather parameters which would be used to determine which report or search to use.
Make sure all of the file formats which contain data are set to a default mode of "Read-only." These files should only be set to "Read/write" when inserting, editing, or deleting a record in the particular file(s), then set back to "Read-only".
Look at format names to check for improper characters, including spaces. Format names should only contain alphanumeric characters and the underscore "_" character. Just change the name in the browser, making sure the checkbox for "Perform search and replace" is checked.

As specified above, this is not an exahstive list, and if there is anything else you thing should be added, let us know.