Edge of Tomorrow

JAMES HUDSON TAYLOR was born the son of a chemist in a humble Yorkshire home on 21 May 1832. Never strong physically, and with a less than adequate education, he became a Christian at the age of 17. The growing conviction that he should be a missionary in China was not a dream of adventure. It was clearly a call of God. He set to work studying Chinese unaided and later studied medicine in London.

In 1853 he sailed for China as a missionary. At that stage most missionary work was done on the coast of China. Hudson was one of the first to venture into inland provinces. In 1858 he married Maria Dyer in China, but poor health forced them both back to Britain in 1860. But the 400 million in China were etched deeply on Hudson and Maria's hearts. 33,000 were dying each day without a knowledge of Christ's love. Hudson spoke everywhere of the challenge of China's millions.

By 25 June 1865 the burden became a vision and so was born the CHINA INLAND MISSION, later (in 1952) to become the OVERSEAS MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP.

On 26 May 1866, Hudson and Maria with their four children, and a party of 16 others set sail on the 6 month voyage "to the other side of the world". Others followed and before long there were several hundred missionaries working in 15 inland provinces, people from Britain, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Australia and later, New Zealand.

Throughout all the amazing experiences of Hudson's life, God's promises never failed, and His faithfulness never changed. When Hudson sailed for China there were only 400 Protestant Christians in that vast Empire. By the time he died in 1905 there were 14,000 in connection with the China Inland Mission alone!

The challenge of EDGE OF TOMORROW is to face afresh what God would have you do with just the one life He has given you.

Edge of Tomorrow is based on the 5 years of
Hudson Taylor's life between 1865 and 1870.